Exponential Medicine – Infographic

What does the future of medicine look like? Exponential technology is revolutionizing healthcare. How we prevent, treat and cure diseases is being radically transformed. Technology is set to transform the way that patients interact with their doctors and healthcare providers.

Design an infographic that provides an introduction to an overview of the emerging technologies that are changing the medical landscape.

Future of Finance – Article

In a world of exponential technologies, all industries and sectors are vulnerable to disruption. This includes finance, banking and our global economy. Write an article presenting an introduction to fintech, crypto-currencies and the future of finance.

Adaptive Foresight – Predict The Future

Foresight is simply the act of looking to and thinking about the future. This can be amateur or professional, trained or untrained.

Exercise foresight thinking and try to predict the future of humanity. Present your predictions in written (min. 500 words) or visual format below (min 6 images).