Plan to Mars

Mars is considered to be one the most promising future homes for humanity. Yet, the path to Mars colonization is one that will span generations. How will we get there? Put together a plan that will allow humanity to build a settlement on Mars. Present your plan either as a written report (minimum 700 words) or a visual presentation (min 6 images).

Bill of Rights

Imagine a future where we have all become cosmic citizens. Create a bill of rights of a cosmic citizen.

Pale Blue Dot – Poetry Challenge

On 14 February 1990, as the spacecraft Voyager 1 was leaving our planetary neighborhood, Sagan suggested that NASA engineers turn it around for one last look at Earth from 6.4 billion kilometers away. The picture that was taken depicts Earth as a tiny point of light—a “pale blue dot,” as it was called—only 0.12 pixels in size. Write a poem inspired by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot monologue.