Library of Utopia

Imagine you are the chief designer and architect of the Library of Utopia. This is going to be the greatest Library humanity has ever seen. Create a blueprint of this Library. Think about the following when building your blueprint:  Aims and Objectives of your library of Utopia, Location, Organizing Committee, Categories of Knowledge, Maintenance, Referencing and Cataloging.

Astronomy Art Competition

How does the cosmos make you feel? What is humanity’s future in this universe? What does it mean to be a cosmic citizen? Can you create a work of art that captures the essence of these questions? 

Create a unique and original work of art that is astronomy themed. Work can be digital (graphic design or physical (painting/sculpture). Upload or share the link to the original digital or picture of your work. 

Science Fiction Writing Challenge

Where do you see our species 10s, 100s or perhaps 1000s of years from now? Write a science fiction story  (max 1000 words) under the theme of “Future of Humanity”. This is an opportunity for you to exercise your imagination, creativity and story-telling skills.