Massive Transformative Purpose

Come up with an Motivational Transformative Purpose for yourself or for a company/project/organization that you want to launch.

Digital Immigrant Guide

Imagine you had a friend that was about to start using the internet and computers for the first time. Create a one-page guide that you believe outlines all the things they should do to use information, media and ICT effectively and responsibly.

Launch Your Moonshot

Think about a local problem in your community and consider how you can come up with a solution that exhibits 10x improvement of the status quo.

Think about the following: What is the hardest part of your problem and how can you tackle it? How can you embrace failure as you launch your moonshot? What are elements of risk? How can you minimize those risks?

For this competition, you have to submit a 1000 word plan on how you plan on launching a moonshot idea in your community. Select participants will be granted a reward to launch their moonshot. Although launching your moonshot is not a requirement – we encourage you to do so even if you don’t win the grant!