Will humans be around one thousand years from now? Or will we go extinct like 99% of all species that have ever existed on our planet?

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Will humans be around one thousand years from now? Or will we go extinct like 99% of all species that have ever existed on our planet?

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  1. By a thousand years, humans will have developed technologies that can predict any cataclysmic event, so they have a greater chance of survival – perhaps even on other planets.

  2. According to me humans will be around 1000 years from now because humans are the reason for development in the society and without them,the world will not evolve.

  3. No I think humans will be around for another thousand years because humans have ivolved and they have better food and health failties unlike the species that have become extinct.

  4. No. Humans have the technology and are still developing technology to search for other planets that contain life, like plants. Humans can adapt to survive in scenarios. Might not be large in numbers but existing nonetheless.

  5. Yes ,may be nothing stops all things will keep on going until Earth rotates around the sun same thing for survival of Human being only we can notice generation changes and thinking style changes in coming days how we get to hear about ancestors same thing will continue but all species may or may not survive.

  6. This may result from natural causes or it may be the result of human action. The likelihood of human extinction in future by wholly natural scenarios, such as a meteorite impact or large-scale volcanism, is generally considered to be extremely low.

  7. Yes, i think that humanity will exist a thousand years from now, even if we are in small numbers we humans have adapted to many many conditions and scenarios.

  8. How well we preserve our natural resources will decide life exists or not .If humans are able to survive after one thousand years may be the survival the fittest rule may apply.

  9. Humans will be around, but might have undergone changes and adaptations. There could be humanoids.
    Brain implants,geneticaly modified humans could be a possibility.

  10. I think humans will go extinct in 1000 years as factors like social, political, technological, environmental, economical will affect our daily lives thus reducing our life expectancy.

  11. I think we will get extinct in the next one thousand year because we will increase misusing the technology just as we are doing it now. we are our enemies

  12. We will definitely be on this planet in one thousand years form now. There could be more humanoids and definitely the age of mankind would have increased

  13. the difference between humans and other species other than our ability to manipulate and destroy is the fact that we aernt affected by survival of the fittest even though we are affected by natural selection, we live as a society , we take care of each other and thrive together as an entire community and not just a single individual. Even though earth might be worn out in about a thousand years humans may find a way to survive on other planets.

  14. It really depends on the present that we live in but it’s safe to say that Machines will likely be around for generations.

  15. We will be here 1000 years from now….because we are the one species on this planet that are exponentially developing within tiny decades, and with this rate of development, it is not difficult to predict that our sense of survival is one of the fittest. Unless, of course, our intelligence surpasses us, leaving us behind, but of course, there are enough science fiction books addressing such hypothetical scenarios for us to be wary of what we create and think up…..right?