How would you change your current education system to incorporate more effective ways of learning?

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How would you change your current education system to incorporate more effective ways of learning?

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  1. I would include coaching for kids to learn the strategies but beyond that I would give children more choice in what and how they learn, change the environment in the classroom to be more quiet , less talking and lecturing but more projects based learning in groups or alone, and more hands on experiential learning allowing students to choose the activities laid out and support them and guiding them only allowing them to engage themselves and get into a flow with each activity. Too much emphasise is on cramming to pass that test and getting good grades, however there is no concentration on whether learning is actually taking place, and what is being learnt and its relevance to the world and the individual. I would also allow for individual learning curriculum and at their pace after all the point is to graduate having developed oneself with relevant skills to live successfully in the world.

  2. So much is based on exams and grades, students have to cram everything in and are only focused on the exam. Once the exam is over, the topics pretty much gets forgotten.
    We need to move away from this method and to more effective ways mentioned in this module. The schools need to look to the future.

  3. Reducing the pressure on students by decreasing the importance of grades and academic excellence and instead letting students excel in their areas of interest.

  4. I would change the current education system to incorporate more effective ways of learning by making them understand the ways of better ways of education.

  5. Incorporate social interactions within students. Make them teach someone else what they have learned at the classroom. Explain the importance of a healthy state of the body and how nutrition and hydration plays an important role in the learning process.

  6. to learn things that make our brain work and think rather than mugging up stuff from the textbooks in school. also to use real life applications that make sense to us and not ancient history that doesn’t matter to students.

  7. By involving students in more active based role where students question themselves what they have learnt in an active and participative enviorment and apply their leaning to real life situations and use these concepts to create something innovative.

  8. By involving others in learning and teaching it to other student after they have learnt something new. We also have to contribute together and apply our learning in real life situations, which most schools don’t provide.

  9. By completely abolishing a lecture based environment, and transforming classroom time to active engagement of the student on content learnt by the student himself.