Why important is it to learn invention and design thinking?

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Why important is it to learn invention and design thinking?

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  1. Teaching young students Design Thinking helps them develop a growth mindset and important problem solving, analytical and spatial thinking skills.

  2. It is important to learn design thinking since it gives us an overall perspective on future skills as well as when designing a prototype, the 5 steps of design thinking would act as a basis

  3. Any one of us could have of thought of this million-dollar idea that could helps every living creature on Planet Earth. Making sure you know how to create and apply is crucial and great life skills

  4. it is important to learn innovation and design thinking as it is what we require for the real life and daily routine, it is also required in school.

  5. Only then it is of use in the real world .
    The world has always enough challenges to solve and to sustain and move forward the learning mus tbe of use .
    Only by knowing to apply knowledge independently through design thinking can one contribute to inventions or other needs of scoiety .

  6. now that AI is slowly evolving we humans need to learn these 2 21st century skills to invent new jobs and ideas that AI cannot do and that AI does not know how to do. Design thinking will help us know the actual problem by empathizing which AI cannot do because they do not have feelings.

  7. invention and design thinking helps us think more about the people around us and think better about the wildlife and humanity.this helps us to think about the problems people are facing and invent something for them

  8. Invention and design thinking are most probably similar to each other. They are linked and in many time the human does uses this design thinking without knowing while inventing.