How is creativity a key component of Innovation?

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How is creativity a key component of Innovation?

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  1. Forget titles, job descriptions, and hierarchy—creativity is not a skill set, it’s a mindset. The contradictions of creativity contribute to the mystery surrounding it. Creativity is intelligent yet requires a willingness to ask questions and be open to possibilities. It is inspired by playfulness but disciplined toward an end. Creativity values and celebrates imagination and mandates the practical application of its output.

  2. I think creativity is a key component of innovation because this can give rise to imaginative solutions, addressing the problem with a different perspective and creating a solution which is courageous and constructive.

  3. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand it is an important concept to bring out new ideas and make new innovations for the world’s development

  4. creativity and innovation are the two sides of the same coin. innovation is not possible without creativity and without innovation creativity have no meaning. they both inspire each other

  5. Innovation is about new ideas and getting solutions for problems as well as making them better. Creativity is a quality that uses imagination to create those solutions and to implement them.