How can computational thinking help you improve the world?

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How can computational thinking help you improve the world?

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  1. I also got a better understanding of computational thinking which gave me a foundation for solving problems that have real-world, social impact.

  2. Computational Thinking allows us to solve problems in an organized way, especially very difficult ones. However, if children learn this skill early it will be like second-nature to them

  3. All pattern based work could me made much efficient , not only in statistical analysis or governmental administration work but also in everyday work that work on a certain pattern. It could also be applied to mitigate issues that are not anticipated .

  4. Every new thinking concept is incredibly valuable. Especially one for solving problems. Since the world has plenty problems it should easily eliminate those.

  5. I think that computational thinking is something everyone should know as this age is the age of technology. It makes life easier for students and everyone else to understand situations and solve them in a much more systematic order.

  6. I think that computational thinking is a cornerstone in all coding programs today. This step-by-step cognitive strategy is important for students to learn in order to become successful.

  7. Computational thinking allows us to take a complex problem,understand what it is and generate possible solutions in a way that can be understood by humans or computers.

  8. With the help of computational thinking, the world will have less of problems and any mass problems can be easily solved with the proper interaction and proper computational thinking skills ti apply to solve that problem.

  9. As computational thinking is used and is desired in all factors, such thinking can uplift the society not only to a higher level but it can also help us solve major problems faced in our society

  10. computational thinking brings the hots questions to easier level such that we could double up the speed we can twice improve the world at the start.