Why are human beings so afraid of death?

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Why are human beings so afraid of death?

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  1. It’s human’s nature to fear the unknown. Humans don’t have accurate evidence on what will happen after their termination. Some humans have a different perception of death. They are aware of it and they welcome it with peace.

  2. I think that humans are afraid of death because we know that we have a limited amount of time to do the things we want to do and we just don’t know what will happen after we die.

  3. Human beings are so afraid of death as they are afraid of anything they dont know about. They want to live forever and they never accept death as they see death as a curse to their souls. They are afraid of leaving the world behind, leaving their loved ones, leaving their memories behind. That is why they make up theories and beliefs about how the soul is transferred into the after-life ( heaven).

  4. Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown. Death is something completely unknown to humanity. It’s completely unpredictable and no matter what we do, we can never understand it fully.

  5. humans are afraid of death because they don’t know what will people think about them when they are not present. who will inhibit there belongings (ik its crazy but i do think about it this way) and the no 1 reason how they are going to die weather in grief and sometimes dieing everyday(which is worse) or a death where simply your heart and brain stops working.

  6. Human beings are generally afraid of the unknown and death is the biggest unknown of humanity. It is unpredictable and we have a tendency to fear it instinctively.

  7. human beings are scared of death due these reasons-
    1)The fear of being completely forgotten
    2) the fear of not being able to do what they wanted to before dying
    3) the unpredictability of death
    4) and the loss of loved ones