Could you fall in love with an AI? Do you think it can be acceptable for humans and AI to develop romantic relationships? Why or why not?

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Could you fall in love with an AI? Do you think it can be acceptable for humans and AI to develop romantic relationships? Why or why not?

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  1. Love is an universal language however falling in love with an AI would be considered impossible in some cultures. Many people have various views on humans falling in love with a machine since it has no heart and is programmed to feel a certain way

  2. Love can develop among two sentient beings but if we talk about it biological terms we must realize that AI might eventually be as close to human as we can possibly imagine but it will never be a human and if we are ready to accept this there is nothing wrong with having affection for a machine

  3. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. When someone loves something or someone, he or she, will not care about gender, operating system or anything.

  4. Love is an emotion, of intense feeling of deep affection. Anyone can feel that for any person. Yes, it is possible for a human to fall in love with AI and vice versa. Though it is similar to the LGBT community, some people may not accept it because, AI does not have a soul or a physical heart.

  5. If it comes a point that AI can communicate and correspond our thoughts and feelings, yes, it surely is possible and completely acceptable to fall in love with an AI. The AI may not be made of carbon as we are, but the reciprocity it may develop is enough to make it love and be loved, there’s no true difference between an AI and a animal that can’t speak or show it’s feelings in such matter.

  6. Why do people love? The capacity to feel passionate and powerful has proved advantageous as it allowed humans to progress so far as a species. It stimulates the drive to procreate, stay alive and keep one’s loved ones alive.If AI is programmed to have the capacity to feel love can allow us to create more compassionate AI — this may be the very key to avoiding the AI apocalypse many fear.

  7. Many miracles in love have happened over the past years and in the future there will be many more and when AI becomes conscious and reaches a substantial ability to think then humans and AI can fall in love with each other. it will be acceptable for AI and humans to develop romantic relationships as they will be living in the same world.

  8. Everyone has a different view on what Love is. I think depending on the human they could fall in love with AIs . In the past century there has been many new forms of love regardless of gender , race and class so why not regardless of biology.

  9. Every thin what humans make is magical. Even we dont know that we can do this. Similarly it AI can fall in love but it purely depends upon the perception of the AI towards humans.

  10. Different individuals have vastly different perceptions of love. It would ultimately depend on whether an individual could attain satisfaction from loving an AI. Love can be manifested in many ways, and most ways that apply to humans could apply to AI in the future. Hence, I do believe it is entirely possible to fall in love with sentient AI.