What 21st-century skill would you consider the most important? Why?

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What 21st-century skill would you consider the most important? Why?

  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Initiative & Self Direction
  • Social & Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Productivity & Accountability
  • Leadership & Responsibility

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  1. Initiative because having the ideas is the easy part but having the desire and commitment to follow through and put the time to get feedback from others to improve your idea is what makes you stand out. Without initiative the world would see no change henceforth it is the most necessary skill.

  2. Productivity & Accountability – For me, this is the most important because it spans across professional and personal life. Even in school life. Being productive helps everyone.

  3. the below is the most important for me:

    Productivity & Accountability
    Future workers will need to learn to work effectively in order to meet deadlines, accomplish personal or professional goals and be productive. With this comes many organizational and time-management skills that help you prioritize and plan various aspects of an action plan.

    Productivity and accountability is not only essential for the workforce but also for our personal lives. We must not only hold ourselves accountable for goals that others, such as our managers, set for us, but also those that we set for ourselves. This way we can continue to work on our personal and individual growth.

  4. In the future the world will be completely different and therefore to be successful we will be needing the 21st centurary skills.